About Recipe Depository

ABOUT Recipe Depository

Truth be told I started this blog in 2012 back when it was trendy to have a Blogspot roll.  Since then I have had two amazing girls enter my life which has kept me busy (any mother would know that is a huge understatement!).

Now that they have grown up to an age where they are less dependent on my services, I decided to reinvigorate by sweets blog and migrate the entire roll onto a fresh new site.  I want to keep the old posts for posterity, and they are as relevant today as they were a few years ago.  I also have selfish motives, as I find it great to document and reminisce on my journey as a home baker/chef. 

So follow along with me as I try my hand at new culinary adventures and learn about the wonderful world of food and sweets!

WHO is Recipe Depository for?

Recipe Depository is a record of my adventures into the world of baking and cooking.  

Starting from a clean slate of no prior professional experience as a chef or cook, my journey really began as a complete amateur cook. Honestly, the most technical dish I could throw together was pasta sauce out of a jar.

It is for this reason I believe any individual wanting to improve their cooking skills can learn from this blog.  

I read and follow many other foodie blogs and collate the best techniques and adapt them to my style of baking and cooking.  However, once I stepped into the kitchen I had every intention of expanding my repertoire.  But I found that I was leaning more and more to baking sweets, in particular pastries.  That being said, we can’t all live of  pastries and sweet treats alone (if only!).  So I have included other healthy recipes and adventures in this site as well. 


HOW Recipe Depository works?

Being a novice home baker, I’m learning as I go, so if you suggest improvements or your take on my attempts, please do!  

I encourage all budding home cooks to try things for themselves!  Join the community and share your tips and tricks that make your dishes and treats unique to you. 

I welcome all feedback! 


Yours truly, 

Sweet Pea Creations!