OMG this cake is seriously the bomb, I couldn’t wait to share with you all exactly how good this cake is!  It is so good that I am making it a second time in the space of two days!  As I’m writing this, it is baking in the oven. Yum yum yummy!

 This recipe comes from Bill Granger and its my first ever Bill Granger recipe.  This cake is such a success that I have become a huge Bill Granger fan and can’t wait to try out all his other recipes!

I honestly cannot stop raving about this cake.  Not only does it have the best ever combination of flavours, it is one of the “healthier” cakes I have ever made.  It’s not laden with sugar and butter, in fact, this cake has no butter! You heard right, zero butter! The ingredients are namely as the title suggests, macadamia, coconut and lime! It is made up of pretty much ground up macadamia (blitzed in the food processor).  I was slightly skeptical that the recipe didn’t call for any butter but the oil comes from the macadamias (that’s my theory anyway).  There is barely any flour and very little sugar as well.

And OMG, this cake is so moist and fluffy, and the ground macadamias give the cake a really nice crunch texture.  I only wanted to make a small quantity, so I reduced the recipe by a third and placed the batter into a correspondingly smaller cake tin.  I really shouldn’t have used the smaller cake tin because this cake ended up rising so high that I had no choice but to cut the cake into half (horizontally) to end up with 2 sponges.  Originally, the cake was meant to be glazed with a lime icing, but because I inadvertently was left with 2 sponges, I decided to layer the sponges with a lime cream.  I topped the cream with blueberries since I managed to pick up 2 punnets of blueberries for $5 (bargain!)

You might be able to see from the photos that I started off cutting one slice for the blog, which soon became two, and three slices, so that by the time I took a decent photo of a slice of the cake, half the cake was already eaten!  Clearly, this cake didn’t last very long in our household! I only have a handful of cakes that I seriously rave on about and this one has sky rocketed to my top 5 faves of all time.



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