Ever since last week’s carrot cake and C’s enthusiasm for selling my baked treats at the cafe, I wanted to bake something especially for this purpose.  The brief was that it must be a slice of some sort and it mustn’t be perceived as something dangerously unhealthy as our customer base simply wouldn’t buy into it.  I think I met the brief with this raspberry custard crumble slice!

This is so wonderfully easy to make.  Being a slice, I imagined the base would be like a biscuit but this was more like a sponge.  So you have a sponge base, pour over some custard (the recipe actually called for store bought custard but you know what my feelings are on that so I ended up making mine), sprinkle some raspberries and layer it with the crumble.  And voila, raspberry custard crumble slice! 

You could easily adapt this and swap the rasberries for other types of berries, some apples or even some stewed rhubarb or a combination of any of these! 

I made a generous amount of custard which is really delicious poured over the slice!  And I am very happy to say that these ended up on display at the cafe! Yes, C did manage to sneak in a few slices here and there (he says he ate the unpresentable cut-off slices…whatever!) and within two days, they were completely sold out! Triumph!

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