These chocolate royals are seriously delicious! You know the saying, why stop at one… well, I’ve not been able to! Definitely not good for the waistline!

These are heavenly pieces of marshmallow-y goodness!  I was very nearly about to mistakenly title this post Wagon Wheels when C corrected me by telling me that these were actually Chocolate Royals (the difference being that in a Wagon Wheel, the jam and marshmallow are sandwiched with a biscuit).  Fundamentally they’re practically the same, I mean you’ve got biscuit, jam and marshmallow coated in chocolate!

So these pillows of goodness comprise of a base which is made of a sweet shortcrust pastry, followed by a small dallop of raspberry jam and then raspberry marshmallow piped on top which is finally completed with tempered chocolate.  I couldn’t resist taking a pic of the little marshmallow mound, although this isn’t the prettiest marshmallow!  This was a left over, as I didn’t have enough chocolate to coat all the royals so the ones which I didn’t pipe well with the marshmallow unfortunately didn’t make the cut for dunking.

I’m always a bit iffy about working with tempered chocolate, simply because you have to be so darn swift when working with it.  One of the problems is that you need to keep the working temperature of the chocolate at 31 to 32 degrees which means you have to work very quickly or else the temperature will drop and then you’ve no longer got tempered chocolate.  So I try avoid using tempered chocolate as a coating whenever I can and I will instead opt for a ganache or a chocolate glaze.  However, none of these substitutes would have worked here.  With a soft marshmallow centre, you really want the crunch of the chocolate when you bite into these royals.  So this called for some very swift dunking, which is why I couldn’t faff about with trying to smooth out all the air bubbles you see in the chocolate or otherwise trying to find an alternative way of dunking the royals which would result in unblemished perfect chocolate!

These were meant to be dusted off with some raspberry powder which I dried in the oven and then crushed.  However, because tempered chocolate which if done correctly hardens quickly, I didn’t have time to sprinkle the raspberry powder on top.  Never mind!

So I have a bit of a confession to make.  I made such a stupid mistake of leaving the royals to set on wire rack, rather than parchment paper. It meant that the chocolate at the base of the biscuit hardened into the wire rack and made removing the royals from the rack in tact impossible! C and I tried everything, from using a hot knife to slice it from the rack, to heating up the wire rack on one end and letting the heat conduct through, to simply trying to move it with force.  Nothing worked! Grrr…

Because the majority of the biscuit comprises marshmallow-y goodness, which is so fluffy and light, you can easily get through a couple of these before you realise exactly how much you’ve consumed!  Absolutely delicious and another successful recipe by William Curley!

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