Little girl is a couple of days shy from turning 2! I can’t believe how time has flown! Twelve months ago, we threw a cake smash to celebrate little girl turning one.  If you read that post, you’ll know it didn’t go exactly how I had imagined! Little girl was so frightened of the cake that she wouldn’t go anywhere near it and when she did, she would burst into tears! I didn’t intend on repeating the cake smash, but on a whim, we decided to give it another go particularly as our weekend was looking to be relatively free!  Besides, it also gave me an excuse to bake! 

So early on Sunday morning, I got to baking the Victorian sponge cake and I am pleased to say that by 9am, I had all three layers baked and cooling on a rack.  Little girl loves blueberries and she loves cream so there was no denying these two essential ingredients.  Given this cake was for little girl, I didn’t want to over load it with sugar so instead of applying jam in between the layers of the Victorian sponge, I opted for a blueberry compote instead. 

The idea of the cake smash is that you’re supposed to get dirty.  I should have known better! Little girl hates getting herself dirty.  If she ever gets crumbs on her mouth or on her fingers, she has to have it wiped off.  It’s actually a good thing (for me) as it means I never have to worry about her getting herself all dirty! So true to form, she sat near the cake and daintily picked off each blueberry from the cake, licking off any cream that touched her fingers.  She made sure that we wiped away the tiny bit of cream that did drop onto her dress.  So there was no mess to capture and you can see in the photo where she picked off the blueberries! 

At least this time round she didn’t burst into tears at the sight of the cake.  It was actually very cute when she saw the cake for the first time her exact words were, “wow, pretty!”.  

Given little girl’s aversion to mess, the photo shoot was hardly what you would call exciting.  So while C took photos, I cut off a slice and started eating!  C decided to plant his hand in the cake (which is why it ended up on a slant) to encourage little girl to get herself messy but it didn’t work.  She just looked at him and continued eating.

Needless to say, after the cake smash, little girl was on a sugar high.  She was running around in circles and then up and down the corridor and then back again in circles! It was exhausting watching her! Luckily she got herself all tired out and went straight for her nap!

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